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A next-generation software solution for medical imaging 

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Imaging Made Easy

EchoLife is a next-generation medical imaging software solution that improves efficiency, accessibility, and precision of medical imaging for patients and physicians. EchoLife develops innovative software and AI for image acquisition and interpretation, beginning with echocardiogram imaging.

About Us
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What We Do

It's the 21st century.
Your medical practice should reflect that. 

Our innovative solution includes image acquisition and interpretation support, decision support tools, actionable care plan suggestions, and remote control and monitoring capabilities to increase accessibility and efficiency.

Image Acquisition Support

Echocardiogram acquisition made easy using our innovative acquisition guiding technology.

Remote Ultrasound Control Capabilities

Control your ultrasound machine from anywhere in the world with our unique remote monitoring and control platform for simple collaboration, support, and training. 

Actionable Care Plan Suggestions

Putting the health back into the patient's and doctor's control, supported by insurance guidelines.

Image Interpretation Support

Our AI and rule-based algorithms help interpret and analyze the acquired images and measurements.

Decision Support

We use novel AI and rule-based algorithms to provide decision support with suggested diagnoses and analysis.

Multiparametric Risk Prediction

Our proprietary risk prediction algorithms consider a patient's social determinants of health, family history, past clinical history, and other factors to predict risk for severe heart disease. 

Some Numbers


Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US and worldwide (CDC, WHO)


Of deaths from heart disease and stroke are preventable (CDC)


Customers We Serve

Outpatient Clinics


Rural Centers


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